Shindigs Ohio is a blog about all fun events in Ohio.

The name Shindigs Ohio was chosen to allow us to blog about all of Ohio’s festivals, free events,many social gatherings, and not limit us to specific types of events. We hope that you as our reader will enjoy discovering the new and exciting Shindigs in Ohio and start experiencing them with us! We encourage comments and would love to hear about the Shindigs you’ve been to in and around Ohio. Use #shindigsohio.

See you out there!

Michelle & Josph Ingrassia

386568_681721692635_27476838_nShindigs Ohio was created by Ohio native Michelle Ingrassia (Elder). She created Shindigs Ohio in May 2013 as part of a social media marketing class at Capital University. Wanting an exciting blog that she could continue and grow after the class was completed, she chose to do what she does best, get out there and share about the many Shindigs she loves to frequent around Ohio. Michelle grew up working the festivals and Knox County Fair in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and is now is an avid Ohio Adventurer. Having experienced many of Ohio’s Shindigs for years, she along with her husband Joseph have set out to share all the dynamic and creative events that Ohio has to offer.


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