Who is one of the most famous icons in Columbus this year? ….Meet Nora! Our adorable and not so little polar bear. She gets up at 9:30 every morning to meet visitors at the Columbus Zoo. Her big debut was April 15, 2016. She had over 1000 visitors that day!

Nora does not disappoint! She’s super active. Running, swimming, and playing with her toys. I could watch her adorableness all day!

Nora comes out to play every morning for one hour from 9:30 to 10:30am.  And she’s bringing in crowds of people. Here are a few tips for meeting her:

  1. Arrive at the Columbus Zoo when they Open! (Yes, at 9am)
  2. If you can, visit her during the week. There are less visitors.
  3. Where your walking shoes and head straight over to the polar bear exhibit.
  4. Be Patient. There is a line that starts in the polar bear frontier building and winds out to the viewing area.
  5. If you are tall, let the kids in front.
  6. Bring your camera! Nora does not disappoint.

and lastly….

7. HAVE FUN! It’s not everyday you get to meet a baby polar bear.



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