Worthington Farmer’s Market

Saturday morning means another Worthington Farmers Market! Last weekend I had the pleasure of going with my friend Heather, where we saw friends, purchased some awesome fresh finds and sampled coffee.

Here are my fresh finds: Tomatoes, Zucchini, Squash, and fresh homemade Italian Pasta!!


The Worthington Farmers Market is one of the biggest in Columbus, it goes from 8am to noon on Saturday Mornings.

Here is a List of Tips:

1. Bring re-usable bags.

2. Go early! For example, if you want Strawberries, the line stretches for blocks if you are late, and they run out quickly.

3. Note who your favorite vendors are so you can visit them in the future.

4. Bring Sunscreen!

5. Be aware of others, it gets crowded on the sidewalks, so bumping into each other will happen.

6. Bring small bills. Not everyone has credit card readers, although some do, and some run out of change quickly.

7. Know the food in season, so you can plan meals before you go.

8. Wear your walking shoes.

9. Be prepared to search for parking.

10. Have Fun!!

I hope you all purchase amazing fresh finds like we did last week!


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