Ohio Shindigs has many, many choices this weekend for our first adventure! Being Memorial day weekend, not only do we have choices, we have a three day weekend! Which is every young couples dream. It’s a free break from the normal everyday grind at work, and a chance to get out there and find exciting events to attend.

My calendar has the Moonshine Festival, the Asian Festival, and Utica’s Ice Cream Festival to choose from! We can taste moonshine burgers, authentic Asian cuisine, or Velvet ice cream. I’m hopeful that Joe and I can make it to a few of these events, maybe even with some of our friends and family!

We want to make our first event to attend a memorable one for us and you! If any one of these events are some of your favorites attend, don’t be shy! Tell us your vote! We want to hear from you and what we should definitely plan on doing if we decide to go!

If you go to any of these events and take pictures don’t forget to hash-tag us! #shindigsohio


4 responses to “Choices…Choices…

  1. It was a hard choice between ice cream and moon shine, both are so American & it is Memorial Day. Enjoy whichever event you decide to attend.


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